Niki Gotsopoulou - CV

Dr. Niki Gkotsopoulou was born in Patras-Greece.

She was graduated from the Patras Classical Lyceum,

 She studied Law at the Law School of Democritus University of Thrace.

 She continued with her postgraduate studies at the Law School of the University of Hull - UK (Department of International Business Law),

She was awarded as Doctor’s of Philosophy (Ph.D) in the Law School of University of Hull - UK. Her Ph.D thesis titled: “The Irregular Development of Franchising: Law and Practice” (2001).

 She also holds Master’s of Philosophy (M.Phil). Her postgraduate dissertation titled: “The New Forms of Contracts Leasing, Factoring, Franchising, Forfaiting”.

 She holds Diploma Degree in Postgraduate Research Training.

 She speaks and writes English (academic level) and speaks French.


 She used to teach International Business Law for undergraduates and postgraduates students in the Westminster University of London and in Hull University.

 She was also used to teach at the Democritus Thrace University and the Law School the following courses: Introduction to the Legal Studies, Family Law, Property Law, General Principles of Law and Private Law.

 She used to teach as visitor Professor, International and European Business Law in transit of Petroleum Oil and Gas via Pipelines, Treaties and Countermeasures and Contractual and Treaty Arrangements at the M.O.G.M.A.T postgraduate programme: “Master of Petroleum Oil and Gas Management and Transportation” organized by the Departments of Business Administration-School of Economics and Management, Environmental Engineering and Pollution Control Engineering-School of Technological Applications, at the Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences. The above postgraduate course is being organised in cooperation with the State Economic University of Azerbaijan (State Azerbaijan State Economic University in Baku city).


 She is Barrister at the Supreme Court and member of Athens Law Bar Association (ID membership 32707. She holds a Law Office - Firm

. She is member of the International Bar Association (London), the Civil Litigation United Nations and other World Organization Committee UNWOC, Business Organizations, International Franchising, Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights Committee, (ID membership 060440)

 She has served the Greek State as General Secretary of Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, appointed by the Greek Prime Minister of that time (2009).

 For six continuing years (2004-2009) she has been served as the Head of the Legal Office of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defence.

 She used to be member of the Committee for granting Rights of Way for Electronic Communications Networks of Greece.

 She used to be representative of the Hellenic State and of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defence in the European Union Committee, presenting the legal complaints upon the Ministry and the Hellenic State about defense procurements.

 She has been researcher and member of the Scientific Board of the “Franchising Research and Application Centre” (K.E.E.F.).

 She served as member of the Scientific Board of the "Hellenic Parliament Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy".

 She is member of the Centre for International Legal Studies, Salzburg - Austria.

 She has participated and presented papers in many international and domestic scientific conferences and workshops.

 She has published in international and domestic scientific and legal magazines many scientific articles and also she has published in the Greek press, series of articles concerning educational matters and the educational reformation.


 She is author of three law books:

 “Franchise Agreements. Legal Practises in International Arena, European Community, England and in Greece”, Sakkoulas Publications, Law and Finance, in Athens 2000 (written in English language).  For more details click here >>.

 Commercial Contracts: Contemporary Gender Distribution Systems’, B. N. Katsaros’ Law Publications, Athens 2008 (written in Greek language). For more details click here >>.

 Law of the Public Defence Procurement Contract, B. N. Katsaros’ Law Publications, in Greek, Athens 2010 (written in Greek language).  For more details click here >>.


  The evolutionary procedures of contract law-hybrids contracts, (in Greek) e-Digesta 2018, Democritus Thrace University-Law School eds.,  For more details click here >>.

 Legal Framework for the Public Defence Procurement Contract,File of Case Law 3rd Volume, May-June 2008, p. 326-332.

 International – European Financial Crisis of Businesses and Floating Charge, File of Case Law, 6th Volume, Nov.- Dec. 2008.

 Legal Issues of Franchising Contracts,Digesta 2000-2001, Democritus Thrace university-Law school eds., p. 119-131.

 E-Commerce and Franchising, Law for Business and Companies, No 67, DEE 3/2002. 

 Legal Issues on International Franchising and Electronic Commerce, Business Law Review, Volume 21, No 12, Dec. 2000, p.288-290, Kluwer Law International eds.

 Internal Research Paper for the Greek Government and the Ministry of National Defence: Research and Analysis of Legal Framework and Regulations of Public Defence. 2007.  


 She has participated in many international and local scientific conferences and workshops, as a speaker:

 International Conference in Padova, Italy, organized by the European Group, titled “The Minorities in Europe”.

 “The Fourth Hague Joint Conference” organized by The American Society of International Law and Nederlanse Vereniging voor International Recht, The Hague about: “Contemporary International Law Issues; New Forms, New Applications”. Her presentation’s title: “The TRIPs Agreement, Interpretation and Implementation”.

 Conference of the Centre of International European Public Law, Hull University.

 Conference by the International Bar Association, Section on Business Law titled: Challenges of the Internet for Agency, Distribution and Franchising Agreements”, in Zurich, Swiss. Her presentation titled: “Planning for Dispute Resolution in International Franchising Relationships”.

 Conference organized by the Business Franchise Association and Business link in the Hammonds Suddards Solicitors Company in Manchester, U.K. titled: “Approach Franchising with Confidence”.

 Conference of International Franchise Research Centre, in Westminster University. Her presentation titled: “Use of General principles of International Law in International Franchise Agreements.”

 Workshop on the Interregional business cooperation of Greece – Bulgaria – Turkey”. Her presentation titled: “New Methods of Development in Greece – Turkey – Bulgaria.”

 International Conference organized by the Centre for International Legal Studies, in Salzburg, Austria (Director of the Centre, Professor Dennis Campbell), “Protection of Intellectual Property Rights”. Her presentation titled: “Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Franchise Agreements”. Kitzbuhel, Austria.

 International Conference at Auckland, New Zeeland, organized by the International Bar Association. Her presentation titled: “The Applicability of U.S. Franchise Laws to foreign Franchisors entering the U.S. Market.”